Books About Eating Insects

A selection of readings on the practice and history of entomophagy around the globe

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This rollicking excursion into the world of edible insects, takes us to the front lines of the next big trend in the global food movement and shows us how insects just might be the key to solving world hunger

Tracing evidence that humans and their hominin ancestors also consumed insects throughout the entire course of human evolution

This book describes how insects can be mass produced and incorporated into our food supply at an industrial and cost-effective scale, providing valuable guidance on how to build the insect-based agriculture and the food and biomaterial industry

The authors document the practice and history of entomophagy around the globe, discovering that insects are a nutritious, plentiful, and varied food source

This book explores the origins of insect eating and offers tips on finding edible bugs. It includes a comprehensive list on edible insects, how to prepare them, their versatile usage and nutritional value as well as a few recipes

This text provides an important overview of the contributions of edible insects to ecological sustainability, livelihoods, nutrition and health, food culture and food systems around the world

Everything you need to know about eating insects and more. Guaranteed to answer all your questions, this book is a must have for anybody passionate about eating or breeding insects

The first book on entomophagy written in this manner, Edible Insects of the World is an enumeration of 2,141 species of edible insects. For the reader’s convenience, insect names are arranged much like a dictionary, first by taxonomic group and then by country

A childrens'book on edible insects. Age level 9-11

In this comprehensive guide you will learn how to breed many different types of insect easily. Each section follows a similar format covering the life cycle, housing requirements, feeding, breeding and more

In this guide, the author explains benefits, compares nutritional facts, shares step-by-step instructions on how to raise and cook insects as well as including a few simple recipes. This is the complete guide for the fitness foodie in your life

Insects have a high potential of becoming a new sector in the food and feed industry, mainly because of the many environmental benefits when compared to meat production. This will be outlined in the book, as well as the whole process from rearing to marketing

Let's Eat Bugs!: A Thought- Provoking Introduction to Edible Insects for Adventurous Teens and Adults

Eat the Beetles!: An Exploration of Our Conflicted Relationship with Insects

This is an annotated and illustrated edition of Vincent Holt's Why Not Eat Insects?, first published in 1885

The book explores the current state of entomophagy to better plan, develop, and implement future research studies on edible insects as a sustainable source of food.

This book was written for anyone who has an interest in Entomophagy, the diehard survivalists and the average camper who wants to be prepared if something happens to their food supplies while out in the wild.

Insects as a food source. This book is intended to educate the reader on some commonly eaten insects worldwide, you will also find some tasty recipes

This book looks at the science behind raising and eating bugs and why eating bugs might help feed more people around the world. Easy-to-read text, vivid images, and helpful back matter give readers a clear look at this subject.

This is a gastronomical approach to entomophagy. This book highlights the past, current, and potential future of the art of eating insects. Do you want to eat bugs? This is the book for you.