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Insect Snacks and Candies

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Amber brittle INSECTNSIDE edible bug candy with cricket larvet and fern. Toffee-flavored

This hard candy looks like fossilized amber. Each Amber Brittle InsectNSide Candy features real insect larva, cricket and edible fern that have been suspended in the hardened toffee-flavored syrup

Original Worm Snax in BBQ, Cheddar Cheese, and Mexican Spice. Flavored worms for your snacking pleasure.

Crick-ettes Sampler Gift Pack- Sour Cream and Onion, Bacon and Cheese, Salt and Vinegar-Pack of 3.

Insect Sucker Lollipop Bundle - pack of 4 - scorpion, ants, cricket, and worm - flavors vary per pack

Granola with buffalo worm powder. Apple cinnamon flavor.Protein content >13%

Don Bugito Planet-Friendly Edible Insect Protein Snacks (3 - Pack Variety): Coconut Brittle Bugitos, Spicy Bugitos, and Chili-Lime Crickets

Chirps Cricket Chips Variety Pack. They taste like the tortilla chips you already love but with the addition of a subtle nutty, umami flavor. Seasoned with your favorite flavors like zesty cheddar, spicy sriracha, and tangy barbecue.

Edible Insects Sampler Pack of 3- Crickets- Bacon & Cheese, Larvets- BBQ & Chocolate Dipped Insects

Gourmet Bug Candy Sampler Pack and bonus magnet. Scorpion, Cricket, Ant & Worm Suckers; Crick-ettes, Earthwormz, & Larvets Snax Boxes

5-pack candy bar sample pack - worms choc &fruit; worms seeds & fruits; worms beans & peas (smoked paprika); worms beans & peas (sea salt and black pepper); worms beans & peas (sea salt and cider vinegar)

Sample pack with 4 insect bars: Mealworms, locusts, buffalo worms, and crickets