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Japanese Air Carrier Puts Crickets on the Menu

As part of Japanese air carrier Zipair’s commitment to sustainability, the airline has partnered with Gryllus Inc. to offer an environmentally friendly meal option to help reduce food waste on its international network.

Starting July 1, 2022, Zipair offers customers the option to purchase special meals rich in protein. One of the meals on offer features a chili burger topped with tomato, while another is pasta pescatore (featured below). Both will be served for 1,500 yen ($11).

tomato chili burger with insect powder

The ingredients in both meals feature a protein rich edible insect in powder form, gryllus bimaculatus. By consuming an alternative source rich in protein, these actions can positively impact climate change.

Through this partnership, the two corporations aim to reduce food waste and look to promote the consumption of alternative protein sources.

To make these dishes, two-spotted crickets are ground up into powder, which is included in the buns, patty, and the spicy flavored tomato sauce.

The crickets lend the dishes “an appetizing flavor resembling that of shells of crustaceans,” according to officials of Zipair’s planning and marketing department.

By promoting food made from crickets, Zipair is looking to not only address food sustainability and dietary health but also contribute to realizing the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).