Cookbooks For Cooking With Insects

Browsing through a few cookbooks is a perfect way of getting started with your new culinary adventure.

We have compiled a selection for you

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Featuring 40 one-of-a-kind recipes to cook crickets, grasshoppers, ants, water bugs, spiders, centipedes, and more

The book's 55 accessible recipes take their inspiration from cuisines around the world using whole and ground insects.

This book takes a holistic look at the subject, alongside stories from the field, tasting notes, and recipes by the Nordic Food Lab

Your introduction to the delicious and nutritious world of entomophagy, filled with more than 75 insect related recipes

Featuring 40 one-of-a-kind recipes to cook crickets, grasshoppers, ants, water bugs, spiders, centipedes, and more

Two entomologists and a chef make the case for insects as a sustainable source of protein for humans and a necessary part of our future diet. They provide consumers and chefs with the essential facts about insects for culinary use, with recipes simple enough to make at home yet boasting the international flair of the world's most chic dishes

This Second Edition cookbook contains over 50+ delicious recipes featuring new ways to use cricket protein and cricket flour to create amazing dishes

The authors crafted each section of the cookbook from Cricket Flours into a introduction section with details on baking with crickets and mealworms, and sections focused on recipes such as baked goods, protein shakes and smoothies, salads and sauces, appetizers, entrees, and desserts

An introduction to the world of edible insects, complete with recipes and color photographs. Includes an historical look at the use of edible insects in indigenous cultures. Includes over 60 gourmet recipes, complete with stunning color photographs.

Asides from offering over 25 recipes and numerous suggested pairings, the Cricket Cookbook discusses the techniques of seasoning crickets, the merits of different cricket products such as cricket flour and frozen crickets, the benefits—both for your health and for the health of the planet—of eating crickets, and a whole bunch more

"Grillen, Heuschrecken & Co.” (German for “Crickets, Grasshoppers & Co.”) offers a selection of up to 50 recipes for every occasion. You find 7 recipes, which were created by top chefs with Michelin stars. In addition, several experts have contributed with 7 interesting essays about insects as food. (in German)

The Cricket Cookbook: Delicious cricket flour recipes from respected chefs to help you embrace the next wave of food sustainability

Cooking With Crickets, is a fun exploration in to the art of entomophagy. Cultures around the world eat crickets, in fact 80% of the modern world willing consumes insects. Cooking with crickets makes eating insects fun and tasty. Lots of easy,fun and tasty cricket recipes.

This book is intended for the those already eating insects and seeking new and exciting recipes. It is also for those who love culinary arts and are seeking new ways to tantalize their taste buds. Lots of easy,fun and tasty cricket recipes.

In the book you will find a complete menu of 12 easy recipes in Mediterranean style and made with the use of insects, all connected via QRcode to the corresponding video recipe. Lots of easy,fun and tasty cricket recipes.